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5.00 (4 reviews)
32-40 Newcomen Street Newcastle New South Wales 2300 AU

Clear, concise and clever communication.

I’ve been a Marketing Manager, I’ve been an ad agency suit, and now I’m an out and proud creative. I’m a copywriter who’s been ‘behind the scenes’ of many a great brief, so I know the right questions to ask to get to the core of what makes your product or service tick.

As a marketer, I have experience in the housing industry, economic development, and professional services sectors. As a copywriter, I’ve become a generalist, capable of communicating across a range of industries, products and services all while drawing on my fundamental understanding that unless you know the product, you can’t sell it.

I currently work with a range of clients including agencies, small businesses and sole traders and sub-contract to other copywriters.

Interested but want to know more? visit me at ltdconsult.com.au or let’s get social at ltdconsult on FB or @ltdconsult on Insta.

Contact name
Lyndall Talbot
I like to write...
Adverts, Blog posts, Brochures, Corporate profiles, Feature articles, Press releases, Product descriptions, Social media updates, Websites, Video scripts
Other industries I have experience in:
Agency, Charity and NFP, Education, Events, Finance, Property, Small Business, Trades
Margaret Godfrey, Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser

If you are struggling to get to the point you want to make in your marketing, then you need Lyndall Talbot. I have used ltdconsult for copywriting for both print brochures and blogs and have had excellent results from both. Lyndall has the ability to craft the message without the waffle, which has allowed me to better connect with my customers.

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Even copywriters get the blues

You know how you look at your own copy and you have blind spots for the faults? Well, even copywriters get that, so when it came time to update my own copy and Lyndall offered to look over it for me, I jumped at the chance. I’m so glad I did, as she provided thoughtful feedback and suggestions for improvement that provided that extra little edge.

Lyndall is a creative and thoughtful copywriter who cares about her clients and helping them to strike the right tone of voice. But I don’t want to sing her praises too much – I don’t need the extra competition :)

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Liz Kalaf, Liz Kalaf Photography

In every capacity, Lyndall is dynamic, motivated and inspired.

She is my go-to girl for clever words and ideas, because she is reliably full of them, and I can depend on her to put them together in the way that they’re required.  I can be confident that the job will be done on time and with Lyndall’s creative flair – exactly what I need in a copywriter.

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Absolute perfection

Lyndall edited a recent piece for me giving it the polish and professionalism it needed. In short, she took my words and made them 100 times better. She’s professional, warm and lovely to work with. Highly recommended!

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