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Mark My Words


Versatile. Highly experienced. Multi-awarded. If you are looking for a copywriter who can give your business the kind of big ideas and thinking you normally only get from big, very expensive agencies, then I’m your man. (Except I don’t charge anywhere near like they do!) I think big, write and work fast and usually give you a multitude of ideas to choose from. Nothing gets me more excited than a challenging brief for a challenging project in a challenging market. I love getting a big idea up and running and watching it work hard for you and your business. In my extensive career I’ve worked for almost every type of client, in almost every type of industry, with almost every type of product or service so there’s almost nothing I can’t do. I pride myself on getting to know your business and market intimately so I can create relevant work that draws on fundamental truths hidden in your product, business or market. I am particularly highly skilled in radio and video/TV but am also very comfortable writing for the printed and online mediums. Keeping you happy and winning is my goal. Please feel free to call for a no-obligation chat. I’ll tell you straight up whether I’m right for you or not.

Contact name
Mark Farrelly
I like to write...
Adverts, Brochures, Corporate profiles, Press releases, Radio ads, Sales letters, Slogans and taglines, Websites, Video scripts
Other industries I have experience in:
Agency, Automotive, Education, Finance, Food, Retail, Small Business, Trades
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