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54 Esplanade Cairns City Queensland 4870 AU

Looking for a copywriter, or editor, who will understand your needs, and deliver, on time and on budget?

That’s me. I will deliver fluff-free copy anywhere in the world, tailored to you, and your audience.

I have been writing professionally since 1988, in science, science communication, government, natural resource management, radio, business, politics, and mental health. I thrive on challenge, am a trained and highly-experienced researcher, and love the diversity of the small-to-medium business community.

Refining your message, looking for that winning angle, and getting your hard-won business across to your customers is what it is all about!

I can help with your website copy, blogging and other writing needs, enabling you to better connect with your audience. I also provide expert proofreading and editing services, to ease your load and worry.

As one recent happy customer noted:
After engaging Richard, I immediately understood the value of working with a professional. Richard provided clear, easy to implement actions and new content which was so on point it even improved my understanding of my own business!” Hugh Armitage, Easy Comply

I offer my skills and life-experience to your project, whatever the size, and whatever you need.

Call me today, or get in touch via email or Skype!

Contact name
Richard Musgrove
I like to write...
Adverts, Annual reports, Brochures, Capability statements, Corporate profiles, Emails, Feature articles, Press releases, Websites, Video scripts
Other industries I have experience in:
Environment and Conservation , Government, Resource management, Small Business
Project Briefing Composition

Richard created a high quality document in a very short time frame. Moreover, he was a delight to work with – eager to meet the needs  of the project at hand, experienced in his approach, a skillful communicator and willing to go to any length required for results. I would thoroughly recommend his services!

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Press release

Dr. Richard Musgrove provided expert advice and editing skills to a piece I had prepared for release to the media. He was able to deftly weave the intent of the message in such a way that was engaging, informative and succinct yet still truly captured the ideas and information I wanted to convey to the reader.  I was very pleased with the final piece, and delighted that it was printed without further editing by the media that picked it up and ran with it.

I will most certainly utilise Richard’s writing skills for future work and heartily commend him to you.

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I highly recommend Richard as an excellent writer, editor and proofreader. I found his eye for detail and quick turnaround on a competitive consulting proposal I had written greatly improved the quality of the proposal. He not only improved the readability and layout of the text, he also clarified points without changing the meaning, and all with a friendly demeanour.

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Website review

Before working with Richard I had engaged friends and family to review my web site. After engaging Richard I immediately understood the value of working with a professional. Richard provided clear, easy to implement actions and and new content which was so on point it even improved my understanding of my own business.

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Great Work - Highly Recommended

Dr. Richard Musgrove provided expert editing skills and useful advice when he reviewed my eBook and associated documents. I look forward to working with him more in the future.

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