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Angie Neal

Angie Neal is the passionate founder and SEO whizz behind PurpleCow Digital Marketing, a trailblazing agency that has solidified its place in the digital marketing landscape. With over a decade of experience, Angie has built a business that breathes life into brands, uncovers the full potential of websites and champions the importance of a seamless user experience.

Born from the desire to create a different kind of digital marketing agency, Angie took inspiration from her lifelong fascination with problem-solving and strategy, launching PurpleCow to help businesses stand out in a crowded online market. Through her instinctive understanding of SEO and her unwavering dedication, she proudly guides her clients through the maze of the digital world, ensuring their brands not only survive, but thrive.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Angie maintains a strong commitment to balance. As a mother to three vibrant daughters, she is an empowering role model who instils the importance of creating space for personal fulfilment. Angie’s love for the outdoors mirrors her preference for simplicity and authenticity in business. Exchange the sound of typing for the soft rhythm of the waves, and you’ll find her relishing in the unfiltered beauty of the beach, swapping SEO strategies for camping stories around a fire, and creating unforgettable memories with her family.

Under Angie’s expert direction, PurpleCow Digital Marketing specializes in branding, web design, UX, and of course, SEO. Angie’s keen eye for detail and her ability to anticipate trends keeps her agency at the forefront of the digital marketing world, helping businesses not just meet expectations, but exceed them.

Bringing together her holistic approach to life and work, Angie Neal isn’t just leading a digital marketing agency; she’s cultivating a mission-driven culture and paving the way for businesses to make their mark in the digital world. She is devoted to client success, balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, and making every moment count – whether it’s in the boardroom or on the beach.

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Angie Neal
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Blog posts, Brochures, Case studies, Emails, Feature articles, Press releases, Sales letters, SEO Copy, Websites
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Agency, Medical, Technology, Trades, Travel
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Angie Neal 7 months ago
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