Sarah Lee Parker

140 William Street Perth Western Australia 6000 AU

Many years ago, she completed an English and Communications Degree and therefore started a fine career in IT support.

Every role since the first one involved writing for others, and eventually, she evolved into the copywriting maven that she is today.

Her catchphrase for the last few decades is “I write a little or I write a lot,” having once smashed out a 70,000-word novel in 31 days, topping her word count in one day at 7,500 words!

Her biggest competitor is herself, and she loves the process of writing, from concept through research to publication almost as much as she likes the writing itself. She also loves playing on social media and Canva.

Sarah particularly likes ‘long form’, such as blog posts, and has more than enough unpublished novels languishing on her hard drive. Her favourite food is anything with friends and she desperately misses travel.


You can see her writing blog posts here:

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Plus newsletters for and soon blogging:

And lastly, I write a weekly newsletter for myself about my journey into writing for cash, escaping the #dayjob, and heading into the delirious heights of writing for ca$h.

My own webpage is a mess and in the process of being whipped into shape!

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