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Sarah Walkerden - Web Copy Diva

700 Moonlight Road Berringa Victoria 3351 AU

Hello! I’m Sarah and I take all those crazy thoughts from inside your head, and craft them into the precise clever words that sell – every, single, time! (Or at least, that’s my main aim!)

I’m also a bit of website tech nerd too (can totally built you a website!) and a business coach/marketing strategist on the side.

I spent 13 odd years in the ‘corporate world’ working across various Government departments in Victoria & QLD, plus several local councils and Monash University. I also worked within the ecommerce/retail space, not-for-profits, and so many more.

For many years I performed numerous freelance writing roles across lots of different industries, I’ve written a book, and had articles published in several print and online magazines.

I’ve also built up my own successful eCommerce business, that has now sold.

Now, I’m concentrating on my Copywriting full time, around running after two small children, a husband, plus 4 horses, 5 sheep and 4 chooks – from our 70 acre farm near Ballarat. I love not having to commute, and work happily from my couch, or back deck, surrounded by open space, green grass and nature :)

I truly have a passion for helping other small businesses succeed – and to get the most out of their marketing efforts.

I’m a little bit quirky, I like to have fun and value open, and honest communication – and a collaborative working style with my clients.

I’m always happy to chat about writing, marketing, social media, business, personal development and horses, farming and agriculture – so feel free to get in touch, anytime.

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Sarah Walkerden
I like to write...
Blog posts, Emails, Feature articles, Product descriptions, SEO Copy, Social media updates, Websites
Other industries I have experience in:
Automotive, Finance, Food, Government, Health, Property, Technology, Travel
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