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If you’re a service based professional who is ready to grow and scale your business, then I’m here to help. I’m Lisa, a direct response copywriter specialising in Facebook Ads and email funnels for consultants, coaches and online training specialists.

Chances are you’re a big picture thinker who is striving to help as many people as possible. Digital marketing has provided you with a platform to reach a global audience, but you need a specialist who has the intuitive knack for writing copy that captures the essence of your message, while using proven techniques for conversions.

But it’s about more than the words alone…

You want a marketing strategist who can help you to find opportunities to innovate, diversify and position your business to become the leading voice in your field. That’s why I’ve developed a process that looks at your communication strategically, and evaluates the effectiveness of your message in relation to key marketing principles. Here’s what a recent client said:

“Lisa is amazing. She creates such clarity on how I can best position myself and my passion in the most professional way.”

Writing persuasive copy is about understanding what makes people tick, and applying tried and tested techniques to attract your ideal client and position you as the most desirable choice for them.

Words are slippery things…

The business owners I meet waste time wrestling with them, getting more frustrated with every sentence. Conserve your energy and use your time for what you do best! I have an uncanny knack of finding the right words for exactly what you’re trying to say.

And when you hear it, something lights-up and you know you’ve nailed it.

When you’re writing for business you need to speak the language of your customers. That means tuning into the vocabulary they use, picking up on their pain points and using words that soothe, seduce and sell.

Want to have a steady flow of leads?

Ask me how – 0437 840110



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Lisa Kniebe
I like to write...
Adverts, Award submissions, Blog posts, Brochures, Emails, Press releases, Sales letters, Slogans and taglines, Websites
Other industries I have experience in:
Finance, Insurance, Property, Recruitment
Lisa at Stella Polaris

Lisa swallowed a dictionary as a child and the result is a unique human being who’s passion is not only words, but how to use them!  In these changing times of on line marketing and businesses, Lisa clearly gets all excited at the new ways to use her passion and honestly everyone, she is on fire!  I have sat opposite with my extremely basic understanding of how to articulate myself and watched her totally ZING with energy creating Magic with what I had presented to her.

She immerses herself into other people’s world (and seriously folks mine is not normal) and waves her magic wand.

I went to her Blog Writing Workshop, and next minute, and I’m not kidding, I had the confidence to write a book!  She has it now to edit, because sure as eggs I have written effect, when it should be affect, and as you can see above I tend to waffle.

Thank God for Lisa, that’s all I can say ?   You totally rock babe!

Robyn E Gibson.

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$$$ Well Spent!

Wow! Blown away by Lisa as a woman, business person and copy writer.

I’m in awe of her genius and authenticity, her enthusiasm and ability to connect with people makes her invaluable an asset to my business, she is truly a gifted wordsmith.

Lisa get’s me, my business and clientele precisely, it’s been effortless to work with her which is no reflection on the punch she packs when delivering whatever message I’ve wanted to convey to my audience.

Can’t imagine my business without her! Thank you Lisa

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