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91 Fletcher Road Peterhead South Australia 5016 AU

I’m a freelance health writer, content marketer and corporate communications specialist with a background in journalism. 

I write credible, engaging, and relatable blog posts, articles and brochures (and more!) for employees and customers in the health space.

I specialise in workplace health and wellbeing; cancer treatment, research, prevention and support; and in Med Tech.

I also help not-for-profit organisations report impact to their donors and stakeholders through storytelling in Annual Reviews, emails and newsletters. 

I have a background in journalism, real estate, fundraising communications, and corporate comms with more than 10 years’ experience in internal communications. 

I’m based in Adelaide near the beach, and like to spend time with my small family exploring all the food and beverages South Australia has to offer.

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Tegan Forder
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Annual reports, Blog posts, Brochures, Case studies, Corporate profiles, Feature articles
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Human resources, Medical, Property, Travel
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