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Well, hello there! Copy is more than just words. To me, anyway. It gives you a voice that otherwise might be silent. A way of communicating when you’re not physically in front of your audience.

I’ve been around – marketing, publishing, digital, print, small business, big business – and I’m a parent. So all the check boxes that go along with that, I can probably tick.

But it’s not just about checking boxes, is it? It’s making the right choice and working with someone who never gives up, and always delivers.

So in the words of that chick Carly – call me, maybe?


Contact name
I like to write...
Adverts, Blog posts, Brochures, Emails, Press releases, Product descriptions, Sales letters, SEO Copy, Social media updates, Websites
Other industries I have experience in:
Agency, Automotive, Education, Food, Health, Property, Small Business, Technology, Travel
Web copy - the perfect partner

Heather is able to interpret complex briefs that require a balance of brand, and service offering.

She creates a tone of voice that communicates the messaging effectively and enhances the brand personality.

Melanie Mitchell,
Director, m. Media Strategy

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An asset to any writing project

Getting someone who can string a sentence together is one thing – finding a writer who understands the strategic goals behind a piece is another.

Heather is an asset to any writing project, especially long-form article and blogs, and projects that require technical knowledge.

Please don’t hire her – I don’t want her to get too busy.


Helen Steemson 
Creative Director, Words for Breakfast
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Excellent SEO knowledge

Heather delivered on all requests accurately and on time. She is a pleasure to work with and takes direction well. She understands good SEO practice which she demonstrated in headline creation and keyword tagging.

I would not hesitate to recommend her for any future creative writing or data production projects.

Heather worked on retainer with us for approximately 6 months.


Sheryl Deubler

Senior Content Producer

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Heather turned my website around!

Heather took the time to really understand my business and knew exactly what I wanted.


The turn around time was fantastic and quality of work was superb. Would highly recommend Heather and would definitely recommend her for further jobs. Thank you again.


Lerissa Eggins – Owner

Precious Memories Forever

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