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Looking for a sugar fix? I write personality and values driven SEO copywriting for outside-the-box brands.

Whether you’re a marketing manager in agency land, or a business owner wearing eleventy-billion hats, I’m here to help you shine with SEO copywriting and engaging content.

SEO website copy

Let’s face it — your website has got a lot on its plate. Your home on the web needs to communicate the benefits of working with you or buying from you, of course. But it’s more than that. It needs to grab your ideal client by the hand and take them along a journey. And you’re in charge of that journey. Get your ideal clients hooked with tantalising SEO optimised conversion copy.


When it comes to marketing and SEO ranking, content is the new black. With affordable blog packages to suit businesses of any size (and sneaky tips for how to repurpose the blogs across ALL THE PLATFORMS), you’ll save time, money, and sprout fewer grey hairs with me on your team.

Email sequences

Email nurture sequences are a simple, affordable way to tell your people about new offers, services, and products. Hit me up for welcome and nurture sequences, content round-ups, special announcements and newsletters — all the things that will help your people know, like, and trust you even more than they already do.

Education copywriting

A copywriter with a Master’s in Education in her back pocket?

Absolutely. With years of teaching under my belt, you won’t find a better content producer to up your Independent School’s content marketing game. Schools are busy places — but you also need to nurture parents and families at every stage of the recruitment process.

Ready for sweet copy? Get in touch!

And check me out on Insta @wordcandycomms 🍭


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Martha Barnard-Rae
I like to write...
Blog posts, Case studies, Emails, SEO Copy, Websites
Other industries I have experience in:
Agriculture, Food, Health, Utilities and energy
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