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98 Ernest Street Crows Nest New South Wales 2065 AU

Are you getting the attention of your ideal clients and professionals in a position to maximise the impact of your career and business?

I work with C-level corporate executives and business owners to ensure they get the cut through with their online and offline messaging.

I help C-levels who are not digital natives understand LinkedIn and manage their personal brand effectively.

I am an outsourced marketer to corporate business units that don’t need full time marketing coverage.

I do roadmapping sessions with them to get the strategy and deliverables in writing and they can then engage me on a retainer (price depending on service level) to produce content which I personally write for them as someone in the business would.

My mission is to help good, genuine executives and business people win opportunities with clients, business partners, suppliers and collaborators to grow their careers and businesses and make them more profitable.

As a marketer, strategist and copywriter, my aim is to ensure you use online and offline networking channels correctly, present yourself using the right words so every interaction leads to real tangible business results.

► What do I do?

I work with you to identify your and product positioning in the market and strategy to produce written content that will get business results.

My passion is working with people and words to craft the perfect messaging that will lead to action.

► Expertise I offer:

✔ FREE 15-minute review of your LinkedIn profile or marketing plan
✔ 1-hour LinkedIn/market planning/strategy session
✔ Copywriting for your website, newsletters, blogs, LinkedIn profile and posts
✔ Evaluation and performance of content shared to optimise messaging

Contact name
Eda Utku
I like to write...
Adverts, Award submissions, Blog posts, Capability statements, Corporate profiles, Emails, Press releases, SEO Copy, Websites, Video scripts
Other industries I have experience in:
Government, Property, Recruitment, Small Business, Technology, Telecoms
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