Copywriter Day Planner

$17.00 AUD

Start your perfect day right with planner created for copywriters.
A4 Pad – 40 Pages


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A successful copywriting business isn’t made by wishful thinking.

It’s made by careful planning, day by day. (And a lot of coffee).

My fabulous day planner will help you slide through your day with ease.
It will also help you focus on key tasks, smash through admin and ensure you have a well rounded copywriting life. (Stay hydrated people).

Created specifically to copywriters, it keeps you on track in all the most important areas of your business. And it’s super super cute!

Psst: It’s an A4 pad with 40 pages.

Sections include:

  • Word of the day
  • U.S.P ( to make sure your brand stays on track )
  • Lick that frog ( for the painful tasks )
  • Client progress calls
  • Copywriting Work In Progress
  • Marketing tasks
  • Admin tasks
  • Water intake
  • Exercise
  • Things you’re grateful for



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