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Cal Chikwendu from Cal Chikwendu Copywriter


Want to know what your life could be like if you joined the Clever Copywriting Community?

We’ve asked a few of our members to tell their stories and share their wins since becoming a Copy beast.


Tell us about yourself

I’m a copywriter for kick-ass, ethical brands.

I write whizzy words and crack-a-lacking, inclusive content to help you win more customers and make a difference in the world.

I put your personality into your words and turn crappy content into happy content.

I write so you get time for all the other things.


What made you decide to join TCCS?

As a newbie to the word-slinging world (or so I thought), I wanted to get to grips with all things copywriting. I needed to go beyond books and blogs and find guidance for the next steps.

I wanted to learn from the best.

I heard Kate Toon was the higher-being-gift to copywriting and it turned out to be true.

Kate’s a whiz, packed full of knowledge, advice, thoughts, and ideas.

She shares all she has like a teenager sharing selfies. She shares everything she’s got. Baring all on copywriting, SEO, and brand building.


Do you have any reservations before joining?

Before I joined I was hesitant to spend money on a membership.

Nowadays there’s so much “Gimme a few quid and I’ll teach you to go from living in a paper-bag to being a millionaire by working one hour a week”.

Was it the same old same old?
Would I get value?

I thought it might be like entering a room full of self-inflated egos or BS backbiting. (Been there before and left quick-smart).

Oh, my-o-my. How wrong was I? Joining the TCCS membership has been worth every * single * goddam penny and more.


What’s been your experience of your membership? Have you enjoyed it?

So much value.

The membership offers everything I want as a small copywriting business.

Tips, tricks, and oodles of tools and templates.

I’ve saved tons of time trying to craft my own – these templates make you look pro from the start.

There are Masterclasses, Coffee chats and Toon Training live with Kate. So much to learn and ever-evolving with new sessions every month. I still have plenty to discover.

And don’t forget the Job Board. People searching for copywriters post their job for any member to apply or they seek you out using the profiles.

The egos and back-biting are nowhere to be seen. I found myself amongst a (virtual) room full of like-minded, helpful, generous humans.

Always willing to help, putting you at ease, bigging you up when you need it, pitching in, and subbing out.

I’ve made some brilliant connections, done work for others, and found some new BFFs!!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie or a superstar copywriting guru – you get plenty of value back.




Can you share some improvements to your pricing, client relationships, process, or skills since you joined?

After joining I discovered my past experience counted. I’m a newbie copywriter but needed to factor in the writing I do every day at my day job. Web content, healthy lifestyle leaflets, government briefs, and reports.

Two months into my membership I gave pitching a go. I bought the Copywriter Mega Pack and tweaked them to be mine. I threw my hat in the ring to re-write a website advertised on the Job Board. Blow me down the business owner loved my vibe and gave me the job.

After writing the first 5 pages, the client wanted another 5 pages. Then a video script. And finally, 6 blog articles.

One stab in the dark ended up boosting my copywriting confidence ten-fold.

It paid enough to cover my TCCS membership for the next 14 years. And introduced me to a web developer who now uses me as his go-to copywriter.



Final advice for new (or experienced) copywriters thinking of joining?

My advice for any copywriter thinking of joining TCCS is to stop wasting time faffing about.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

While you’re yo-yo-ing around, you could be:

  • Learning new, top-level tips and tricks of the trade.
  • Increasing your confidence in linking with movers and shakers in the copywriting world.
  • Getting to know (and subbing for) other wonderful Copy beasts.
  • Knuckling down your niche.
  • Charging what you’re really worth.
  • Going from zero to hero – plodding along to flying high.

What’ve you got to lose? Nil, nothing, nada.


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