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Jake Anderson from Jake Anderson Copywriter


Want to know what your life could be like if you joined the Clever Copywriting Community?

We’ve asked a few of our members to tell their stories and share their wins since becoming a Copy beast.


Tell us about yourself

I’m a copywriter, martial artist, a self-described professional sausage, and a soon-to-be dad to two kids.

I’ve worked in digital marketing and have a degree in Sports Development from Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

I specialise in playful and light-hearted conversion copy.


What made you decide to join TCCS?

I needed something to give me that push, and it had to be in the right direction.

Writing copy is only a part of the beast.

Learning the hard way to run a freelance business with guesswork and optimism will only get you so far.

I needed guidance from people with years of first-hand experience to navigate the pitfalls of “winging” a successful business.


Do you have any reservations before joining?

I thought, “this is for established copywriters, surely this isn’t for me.”

I was wrong.

If you’re serious about copywriting and you join TCCS, you’ll receive the same respect for taking the leap and investing in yourself as any successful professional copywriter.


What’s been your experience of your membership? Have you enjoyed it?

I couldn’t imagine where my copywriting business would be if I hadn’t joined TCCS.

I know it would have been a lot less smooth.

Without the confidence I’ve gained from TCCS, I wouldn’t charge my worth like I do today.

My friends in the group get me. They’re a source of empathy, guidance, and sometimes a living, breathing thesaurus when I need!



Can you share some improvements to your pricing, client relationships, process, or skills since you joined?

I have ADHD, and I simply wouldn’t have a functional business without the TCCS templates.

Buy them and you’re buying a working system from wooing your first clients to receiving Christmas cards from them years after.

I recently helped a small business owner who had hired a digital marketing agency to sell his passion project. While they were reaching people through Facebook ads, emails, and clicks on Google, the fish weren’t biting. Thanks to TCCS, we recently celebrated his highest sales day ever. From 2 orders a week (on a good week) to netting $14,325 in a single day. All this in the week before Black Friday.


Final advice for new (or experienced) copywriters thinking of joining?

If you need motivation, inspiration, direction, guidance, and support or to stop “guessing” your way through running a business, this is the place.


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