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Does your website need SEO friendly copy that speaks to your customers (and seduces the Googlebots)?

Do you need assistance writing regular blog posts that will increase your industry authority (and further seduce those Googlebots)? 

Or, do you need help finding the right words to tell your business story (because facts tell, but stories sell)?

If so, let me help you.

Hi, I’m Johanna Kohler and I am here to help you to connect with your audience, convey your message and convert your prospects into clients.

My copywriting services will help you engage with your audience and tell your story. I will work with you to identify the needs and wants of your customers, so that your copy speaks directly to them.

I am a marketing and communications specialist with over 15 years of professional experience. My skills and knowledge will help you achieve your marketing objectives. I have worked in a variety of industries in both the private and public sectors.

My copy is creative and persuasive, and is designed to:

Connect – draw in your audience by capturing and maintaining their attention.
Convey – tell your business story and show your prospects how you can help them.
Convert – turning your contacts into customers and your customers into ongoing clients.

My services include:

  • writing clear and compelling SEO friendly copy for your website
  • writing your blogs and brainstorming ideas and topics
  • capturing success through client case studies and professional staff profiles
  • crafting persuasive sales copy for brochures, sales letters/emails, advertisements etc.
  • creating captivating slogans and taglines
  • keeping your audience updated with engaging newsletters
  • developing professionally written speeches and presentations
  • providing guidance with marketing strategy and planning services

Contact me today. We can work together to help you connectconvey and convert.


Contact name
Johanna Kohler
I like to write...
Adverts, Blog posts, Brochures, Corporate profiles, Emails, Press releases, Product descriptions, Sales letters, SEO Copy, Websites
Other industries I have experience in:
Beauty, Fashion, Finance, Health, Property, Retail, Technology
Copy for Brchure

Johanna helped take the copy in our brochure from good to great. She has a good process, researched very thoroughly and produced quality copy the first time, with very few changes needing to be made.

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Amazing copy!
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A friend told me of Compelling Copy and the exceptional talent Johanna has to convey your message across. So I called her and we discussed my needs.

Prior to Johanna working her magic, my website consisted of a lot of poorly distributed data with no clear pathway for client to find what service could meet their needs if they didn’t know me already.

So Johanna provided the clear structure for the information to flow from and calls to actions as well as links. Big chunks of data got split into well-defined categories and she wrote headings for skim reading. Then she found the right tone and choice of words to convey my message and story.

Additionally, she provided recommendations for the blog and suggested heading lines that people would like to read about.

The experience has been empowering and I now have a website copy that is clear and compelling! With avenues to expand in the future as my business grows :-)

A big thank you to Compelling Copy for doing such a great job!

I highly recommend Compelling Copy to anyone who wants to hit the nail on the head to expand their reach while focusing on what they do best!

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