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I specialise in working with heart-based businessfolk: entrepreneurs and authors who believe that making a difference and making a profit are equally important.  I’ve helped:

  • one client to write copy for a multiple six-figure launch
  • another to increase her opt-in rate by over 600% within a week
  • a third to get accepted as a HuffPost contributor.

Additionally, I’ve edited books internationally  for business coaches, money mindset mentors, naturopaths, and spiritual practitioners, including one Hay House author.

And I understand how pushy, sales-y and manipulative traditional copywriting can sometimes feel, so I focus instead on clear, compassionate communication that still gets results.

So if you need help to connect and communicate with your ideal clients, I can help you to write a:

  • website…
  • sales page…
  • email…
  • blog post…
  • opt-in gift…

… or pretty much any other digital marketing materials you need to really resonate with your ideal readers. In other words, I can help you to reach more clients, generate more sales, and generally make more of your difference in the world.

Basically, if  you’re a coach, counsellor, therapist, healer or other helping professional who wants to make a difference with your work, I’d love to hear from  you  and see how I can help :-)

Contact name
Tanja Gardner
I like to write...
Adverts, Blog posts, Brochures, Emails, Websites
Other industries I have experience in:
Education, Technology
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