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Joyful Communications

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While she primarily has experience in writing for industry, trades, government and corporate clients, Sarah-Joy is extremely adaptable to any copywriting challenge presented, and prides herself on always meeting a (realistic) deadline.

Sarah-Joy Pierce had a way with words from an early age. Finalist in a nationally televised spelling competition at the tender age of 7, the young Sarah-Joy had no idea where the power of words would take her.

A somewhat chronic overachiever, she graduated early from a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Professional Communication (with distinction, mostly after acing all the writing subjects). A short stint overseas as a temporary Journalism major in a mid-west American college town rounded out her undergraduate studies, and shortly afterwards Sarah-Joy said the most important words of her life…I Do.

With married life came a weekly newspaper column, reflecting on the amusements of newlywed experiences. This column came at the same time as a job in marketing for a local accounting and business development firm, where Sarah-Joy learned of the importance of numbers as well as words!

2013 was a year of transition, as Sarah-Joy commenced her Masters degree in Public Relations, finally finding the best outlet for those words. This was accompanied by a shift into the PR industry, working for a mining and resource industry specialist firm (where many of the words spoken are inappropriate to print!).

An even bigger change occurred in 2015, when Sarah-Joy started up her own PR and communications business, working with small businesses in regional Queensland to help them present their best selves to their customers.

Contact name
Sarah-Joy Pierce
I like to write...
Annual reports, Award submissions, Blog posts, Brochures, Capability statements, Press releases, Product descriptions, Radio ads, Websites, Video scripts
Other industries I have experience in:
Education, Government, Property, Recruitment, Retail
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