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Donna Webeck from Prestige Property Copy


Who are you Donna Webeck?

I am a specialist real estate writer, I launched Prestige Property Copy in 2015. Based in Australia but with clients worldwide, I craft compelling copy, designed to emotionally connect and convert into sales.

Best of all, I love having a legitimate excuse to spend my days looking at humble abodes and ultra-luxury homes – all in the name of work!


What did you do before you became a copywriter?

I dabbled in freelance feature-writing for a few years before switching to copywriting. Prior to that, I was a PA at Channel Nine and PBL.


How long have you been copywriting?

Writing professionally since 2011, copywriting since 2015.


What has been your biggest copywriting career win?

Last financial year I cracked the magical six-figures with my billing. That was HUGE because I have always been someone who undercharges and over-delivers.

It was also an incredible validation for all my hard work, that I had created a thriving business doing something I loved.


What was your worst copywriting career fail?

Something I regretted for a long time was taking a shortcut to get a cheap (and therefore VERY clunky) website built when I first started taking my niche seriously.

Yes, it gave me a presence online, but it also ended up costing me so much more to get fixed over time.


What are your number one fave copywriting tools?

I’m so old-school (hello, pen and paper, my dear friends!) that I don’t have one, in particular, to swear by. But I am quite partial to WordHippo as I have a heavy amount of descriptive writing to do in a day. This site ensures each piece sounds fresh and unique.


How do you deal with self-doubt?

It’s still ever-present, no matter the fact I’ve been in my real estate niche for 5 years! I try to listen to podcasts to get advice on how to manage this – one little nugget of gold I heard this week was “emotions are choices and choices can be changed”.

Self-doubt is an emotion, so recognise it when it rears its ugly head and make the conscious decision to change how you’re feeling. (Failing that, read through the testimonials on your site – that works just as well 😆)


What work/life balance or mental health tips do you have?

For far too long I was super guilty of living to work, instead of working to live. All it takes it a harsh reality to wake you up to the fact that you have your priorities completely the wrong way around.

Losing a dear friend a few months ago made me realise what I was sacrificing for my business – my health (physical, mental and emotional) was really suffering, my family and friends weren’t getting the best of me, and I was so damn tired all the time.

Truly, you cannot operate that way without it harming you – stress kills. Balance is now far more present – no more 10-12 hour workdays, scheduling in time to relax and do things which bring joy and remembering what is most important – family.


What tip would you pass onto any newbie copywriters?

Understand you are in business – you’re not just writing and getting paid. I made so many mistakes because I failed to realise I was actually running a business.

Treat it with the respect it deserves, nurture it, invest in it and it will grow.



What’s next for you?

I’m excited to be working on a real estate copywriting course, which is due to launch later this year.


Why do you love TCCS?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – this Toonism sums it up perfectly, “Your community will save you on your darkest days”.

TCCS is a soft place to fall and sounding board of brilliant minds. I would not be where I am today without it.