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The question:

“Is it enough to offer ‘just’ copywriting? I’m seeing more and more companies offering ‘the full package’, with marketing plans, design work, etc. I’m anxious that if I offer my services as a copywriter, a client will want all the other bells and whistles and go elsewhere.”


The answer:

This is a toughy. It may seem like a great idea to become a one woman/man super marketeer, offering everything from proofing and editing to copywriting and concepting, and onwards into the murky territories of social media support, design, SEO and HTML.
The list is never-ending.

I’ve recently stripped eight services out of my website to make my offering cleaner and simpler.

Personally, I think it’s better to do a few things well, rather than try to be all things to all people. Knowing your area of expertise and your niche makes it easier to market yourself and easier for customers to understand what you can offer them.

Instead, why not create a network of awesome specialists that you can recommend to your clients?


Thoughts from other copywriters


As always, I shared this question in our Copywriting Community, and here’s what some of the members had to say:

“I started out wanting to do it all and now just focus on copywriting and a little bit of PR. I’ve seem to have had more success simplifying my business.

Chris from Jam Tin Copywriting


“You can be a ‘jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none’ with this approach. Certainly I think copywriters today need to have a solid understanding of SEO and maybe some basic coding skills, but the other services mentioned are also specialist services and should be handled by someone appropriately ‘qualified’.”

Anna from Copy Break


“I went the other way… offering a full service (through my network rather than doing it all myself), but now I pretty much just do copy and refer people directly to others if needed.

Nicole from Black Coffee Communications


“If you find some fantastic designers, etc, to collaborate with, you can generate a great referral network that goes both ways.”

 Melinda from Write Copy


Over to you

What do you think? Is it better to offer the full range of services or specialise in one or two,

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