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If you think copywriting conferences are only for grammar geeks waving red pens, it’s time to change the colour of your ink.

Here are ten reasons why attending CopyCon19 is a no-brainer if you’re a content creator.

As Australia’s only dedicated conference for copywriters and content creators, CopyCon is now in its third year.

In 2019, the event has moved to Melbourne and is being held at the wonderful Arts Centre from May 4–5.

Tickets are selling fast as the well-penned word travels quickly on what great value the weekend is for anyone who writes for a living.

The brainchild of Australia’s SEO expert and copywriter Kate Toon, CopyCon was established to give a dedicated online community the chance to meet in person and gain invaluable knowledge from expert speakers.

In doing so, it has become a conference for anyone looking to grow their copywriting business, learn about content creation, or connect with other creatives in a collaborative space.

If you’ve been wondering whether CopyCon19 is the conference for you, here are ten reasons why the date should already be in your calendar and the tickets in your inbox.


1. A conference that’s not just for copywriters

Okay, let’s get this out of the way first up.

Yes, it’s called CopyCon. And yes, it’s a conference for copywriters. But it’s not only for copywriters. CopyCon has been created for anyone who needs to write well in their business or work.

In an age where great content is vital yet so hard to find, you’ll learn the tips and tricks that will make your words heard among the noise.

If you’re a social media manager, marketing manager, inhouse or freelance content creative who needs to connect with an audience (and what business doesn’t?) then it’s time to become a part of a community that can take your engagement to the next level.

“It’s about finding your tribe. It’s about going with half an idea or no idea and coming out with a better idea.” — Steve May, Rockatansky


2. Speakers who deliver relevant information, not a sales pitch

There’s nothing worse than spending a day listening to speakers who are so disconnected from your reality you feel they must come from another dimension.

They’ve become so successful on the speaking circuit, they’ve forgotten the day-to-day struggles to fit everything in.

You don’t want to hustle, hustle, hustle, and you certainly need more than four hours’ sleep to function.

You want more than five minutes talking to the topic before an unsubtle segue has them recapping their well-told story or pitching their latest offer.

At CopyCon, each speaker is chosen because they bring honest value to the stage.

When you have a group such as The Clever Copywriting School, you can go directly to the members and ask them which guest speakers they want to hear, what topics they want to learn, and what help they need to grow their business.

As a conference participant, what you get in return is speakers who tailor their content to answer relevant questions.

This year’s line-up includes:

  • Kate Toon: Suriving the client dating game
    Ryan Wallman: Making taglines work
  • Rob Marsh: Writing the perfect sales page
  • Bernadette Schwerdt: The 7 secrets to writing copy that gets results every time
  • Suzanne Chadwick:Building an unbeatable brand for you and your clients
  • Aaron Agius:The secrets to advanced content marketing and SEO

Here’s the full speaker line-up and schedule.


3. Practical advice and easy-to-implement actions

How many times have you attended a conference and left full of enthusiasm to make changes for personal or professional growth, only to be completely overwhelmed by everything you need to do when you sit down at your desk and don’t have the hype of the presenter in your head?

It happens. A lot.

When you leave CopyCon you’ll undoubtedly want to make changes to your business.

But unlike other conferences, there’s no smorgasbord of expensive options you need to commit to with discounts if you sign up in the next 27 minutes.

CopyCon gives you delicious bite-sized morsels of goodness you can act immediately. The take-aways are manageable, with enough leftovers for another day.

They’ll give you a return on your investment – whether that be your time or your money –but without that awful feeling of biting off more than you can chew.

“I walked away with half a dozen insights that I put into action in my business. Those actions helped me streamline my processes and feel more confident and in control as a small business owner.” Anna RoganCopywriter


4. Keep yourself accountable with video access

You’re listening intently, completely focussed on what everyone has to say.

You’re entirely present and not bothering to take notes.

Why? Because you know CopyCon has your back. You know the entire day – speakers and panel discussions – is being recorded.

You know you can go back and listen to the recordings, take note of the key points and upload them directly into Trello or Asana for quick action.

And it’s all included in the price of your ticket.


5. Connect with the best copywriters in Australia

When you attend Australia’s only dedicated conference for copywriters, you’ll find the best Australia has to offer.

Not only do you get to hear from them on stage, but you get to talk with them during the day, at lunch, and even in the coffee queue.

If you’re a web developer, graphic designer or marketing manager, this is your chance to be a kid in a candy store.

You get to meet the people you’ve been talking to in Facebook groups and forums.

You get to make real connection out of a virtual one.

You can ask the questions you’ve been afraid to ask but in a face-to-face conversation. And the good news? Copywriters by nature are people pleasers.

They’re only too happy to answer your questions and talk your ear off about the things they know and love — SEO, keywords, site audits, tone of voice, USPs and ideal target markets, just to name a few.


6. All right stop! Collaborate and listen.

So, there are more than 100 copywriters and content creators in the same room.

They’re all giving each other side eyes and clutching their notes close to their chests.

The breaks in the day are quiet affairs, with no-one really talking about what’s happening in their business.

It’s a room full of people competing for the same jobs, the same work. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, right?


CopyCon is a room of more than 100 copywriters and content creators encouraging each other to succeed.

They view each other not as competition, but as co-workers and colleagues.

They may not work in the same office, but they hang in the same space, and the online friendships transfer to the real world.

It’s where you get to take time out of your busy schedule to talk about future projects, sub-contracting opportunities, and joint venture partnerships.

It’s where a finance writer speaks with a beauty writer and sets up a referral network. It’s where collaboration is key, and magic happens.


7. Networking for people, not pitches

Conferences and networking. Two words that strike fear in the heart of any introverted writer.

It conjures up images of standing in a room full of strangers, desperately thinking of things to say to fill the deafening silence. Or trying to escape the seen-it-all, done-it-all, know-it-all who insists you must buy their latest e-book/course/webinar/product/service.

Not at CopyCon.

This is the conference where you have like-minded people coming together to meet, talk, chat and listen.

There are introverts and extroverts, omniverts and ambiverts. Everyone’s there to have a good time and get to know the person, not make a hard sell. Because we all know you have to know, like and trust someone before you sell to them, right? That’s just Networking 101.

Here’s what attendees from last year’s conference had to say:

“It’s a douchebag-free zone – no sales chats, no upselling, onselling, just clever creatives coming together to do clever creative things.”
Emma Gilmour – Emma Writes Copy


“The only conference you need to attend all year. Practical, generous advice without the fluff or hard sell.”
Beck Cofrancesco – Marketing Goodness


“Your brain will be buzzing with the new ideas and the audience is one of the friendliest bunches you’ll meet.” Rashida Tayabali – Copywriter

By the time the networking event rolls around on the Saturday evening, you’ll have made firm friends you’ll want to have a few bevvies and a bite to eat with.


8. Hear from business owners at different stages of their career

Let’s face it: we’re not unique snowflakes.

No matter where you are in your copywriting career, there’s always somebody ahead of you on the leaderboard, and somebody behind you learning the rules of engagement.

It’s great to look forward to what you can achieve while looking back at how far you’ve come.

One of the keys to CopyCon’s success is the presenters aren’t overnight successes who made their millions living the laptop lifestyle.

They’ve worked hard for their reputations – they’re leaders in their field who are known for their willingness to share their knowledge, their successes and the occasional failure.

The schedule also contains ten-minute slots that showcase copywriters at different stages of their business building, talking about the lessons they’ve learned so far. Some are starting out, and some are seasoned veterans with wise tales to tell.

Either way, the speakers give an honest insight into what it takes to run a copywriting business in 2019.


9. Family-friendly for new mums and dads

We all know that when you’re in business, personal and professional development is essential to your success.

You need to continue upskilling yourself and keep in the know with the latest the industry has to offer.

Having a small human who is dependent on you for their very survival shouldn’t stop you from gaining knowledge. After all, it’s 2019.

It’s also why CopyCon welcomes new parents with babes-in-arms.

You’ll be comfortable knowing your little offsider is a welcome member of the CopyCon team.

Facilities are provided for feeding and changing (no hiding in the bathroom), and there’s a good chance your little one will get a head start in their own personal branding.


10. And then there’s the icing on the CopyCon cookie

Yep, there are cookies. And there are massages. And delicious food.

There’s the community, comradery and possibly karaoke.

In a beautiful venue close to all Melbourne has to offer, it’s a weekend away to immerse yourself in words and wisdom.

CopyCon isn’t like other conferences. It’s been designed that way.

Until you’ve experienced it, you can’t really describe the feeling of welcoming and warmth it offers.

But once you’ve been, you’ll know you’ve attended something very special.


So, there you have it – ten reasons to attend CopyCon19

It probably sounds too good be true.

But believe me, it’s not.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, undecided about whether you should attend, you can always watch the video reviews from CopyCon18.

But don’t wait too long. Numbers are limited. Tickets are selling fast. And we don’t sell false scarcity.

It really is the conference for copywriters that delivers quality content.
Make sure you’re a part of it.


Did we nail it?

We’d love to hear your experience if you’ve attended CopyCon previously.

Thinking of attending, or know somebody who should? Feel free to share away.